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Terranova Productions Community MOD

For the Community by the Community

Terranova Productions will be sponsoring a new mod for Black Hawk Down/Team Sabre and eventually Joint Operations. Right now our main focus will be directed at DF:BHD/TS. However with the release of Joint Ops right around the corner we will definitely be heading that way.

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Posted by Servant

11. June 2004

Delta Force BHD: Team Sabre EXP Compatibility Update
Our EXP for BHD has been patched. It is now fully compatible to Team Sabre.

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Posted by Majorheadache

07. April 2004

Delta Force 1: Expansion Pack 2
This is a total makeover for DF1. It includes new objects, new terrains, reworked stock terrains, a new GUI, new sounds, new weapon options, and more!

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Posted by Majorheadache

07. February 2004

Interview: DFHQ speaks with Major Headache
StevieB and Panic*PR* from DFHQ.NET spoke with Major Headache about the recently released EXP:BHD as well as future projects like to upcoming EXP:TS (Team Sabre Expansion Pack).

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Source: dfhq.net
Posted by Celtic

03. February 2004

TerraNova Web Site: Relaunch
New SiteTerraNova has got a new face!

The long overdue update is finally here. We will continue to bring you Add-Ons, Utilities and Expansion Packs for Novalogic's Delta Force game series.
Posted by Celtic

24. January 2004

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down: Expansion Pack

Terranova Productions releases the much anticipated MOD for
Delta Force - Black Hawk Down

Over 200 new items including object primitives which allow mappers to create new maps with much more variety than ever available before.

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Posted by Majorheadache

17. January 2004

Expansion Packs

DeltaForce Files

TS Vehicle MOD
Server Tools
Anaconda 2.0
Live Map Manager


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